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Lifetime Dental Care Philosophy

At Embrace Dental Care, we care about our patients and their oral health. When we treat you, we’ll never simply focus on a quick fix or treating a symptom. We’ll make educated and comprehensive treatment recommendations based on what will promote good dental health for the rest of your life.

We provide solutions that are in it for the long haul. We’re committed to keeping our patients out of the vicious patch, repair and maintain cycle by consistently fixing problems right the first time. Our high-quality approach to long-term care means establishing a real connection with each patient that’s built on trust. Our office is clean, warm and attractive because when you come to visit us, the last thing you should be worried about is how nervous or uncomfortable you feel.

Our Philosophy of Care

It’s our philosophy that we get to know each patient so well that lack of communication and trust is never an issue when we make a recommendation. We understand the importance of educating our patients, and we’ll take every opportunity to motivate and educate them about the ways we can promote a lifetime of good oral health together. We are committed to the “Lifetime Care” philosophy for 3 reasons:

  1. We believe “Lifetime Care” is in our patients’ best interest not just for today, but for the long haul.
  1. We believe the “Lifetime Care” approach offers our patients the highest quality of life for the investment they’re making.
  2. We believe the “Lifetime Care” approach to dental care offers a lower lifetime cost than the “patch & repair” approach, and we’re committed to helping our patients make the smartest choices.

When we put the good, long-term oral health of our patients as our top priority, we’re able to make decisions that benefit our patients each and every time. By focusing on oral health and educating our patients about how to get healthy and stay there, we’re helping to revolutionize the way people look at going to the dentist.

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