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Root Canals Resolve Deep Dental Issues

More than 15 million root canal procedures are performed every year, and nearly 70% of these are completed by general dentists. A root canal becomes necessary when the pulp of your tooth—the softest inner layer, which consists of connective tissue, nerves and blood vessels—becomes inflamed or infected. Deep decay, repeated dental procedures and cracks in your teeth can lead to pulp inflammation or infection. When this happens, the infection often causes a painful toothache and other symptoms. If left untreated, the tooth pain worsens, an abscess can form, and in worst-case scenarios, tooth extraction is the only option. At Embrace Dental Care, untreated infected teeth account for a significant number of patients’ severe toothaches. If you’re experiencing symptoms of pulp inflammation, especially a severe toothache, timely treatment with a root canal in Florence, KY and Louisville, KY will alleviate your pain … and likely save your tooth!

Root Canals Don’t Cause Pain, They Relieve It!

While the myth persists that root canals are painful, the truth is that it’s the infection itself that’s to blame for the pain. For most patients, having a root canal is no more uncomfortable than getting a cavity filled. According to the American Association of Endodontists, patients who chose root canal treatment were six times more likely to describe their procedure as painless versus those who opted for tooth extraction! We hope you won’t allow the stigma surrounding this procedure to cause you to postpone treatment, and we strongly hope it doesn’t cause you to avoid treatment altogether! Root canals treat and remove dangerous infection and inflammation inside your tooth before it can spread. As with all the dental care you receive at Embrace Dental Care, a root canal in Louisville, KY and Florence, KY is designed to comfortably treat symptoms and provide a smile that lasts a lifetime! We partner with leading insurance companies and offer in-house and third-party financing to ensure your entire treatment process is both painless and affordable.

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How Root Canals Save Teeth

When the pulp inside your tooth root becomes infected, the pulp and bacteria must be removed to save your tooth and oral health. During a root canal at Embrace Dental Care, we first numb the treatment site with a local anesthetic. If you suffer from dental anxiety or need additional sedation, we offer diverse sedation options . Either way, you won’t feel any pain, although you may experience slight pressure as we complete the procedure. Once the sedation has taken effect, we make a small hole in the top of the tooth to access the damaged pulp. Then we remove the infected pulp, thoroughly disinfect the root canal, and fill the cavity with a sterile material. Many patients report feeling almost instant pain relief, with complete recovery reached in as little as three days. After proper healing, the last step is placing a crown to ensure the tooth remains strong and functional.

Benefiting from Root Canal Therapy

Once your root canal procedure is complete, you’ll be able to live a comfortable and functional life again without any tooth pain. We’ll provide the necessary instructions to ensure your recovery is fast and healthy. In general, you can expect the following benefits from treatment:

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Janelle F.
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"I love this dental practice! The staff is so nice and very knowledgeable. The office itself is super nice, and I love the ambiance. Most importantly, the dentist, Dr. A, is phenomenal. Great hands, makes you feel at ease, and makes your well-being his priority. Go see Dr. A, you’ll be so happy you did."
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“This was the best dental experience I’ve ever had. The Embrace Dental Care team truly cares and made sure we were taken care of. My family will only come here for all our dental needs from now on.”
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"The entire team at Embrace Dental is AMAZING! From the front desk to everyone in the back. Dr. Halverstadt and Carlie did such a great job with making me feel at ease and making sure everything went smoothly."
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“Dr. Adeniran is awesome! He is professional, passionate, and just a great doctor! He cares about his patients and is very knowledgeable and helpful.”

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