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Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Wisdom Teeth Removal

If you are like most adults, you may have struggled with discomfort relating to your wisdom teeth. Wisdom teeth are the back set of molars in your mouth, and they are not necessary to having a healthy and attractive smile. In many cases, wisdom teeth come in at odd angles or in spaces not big enough for the tooth which causes crowding. Many times, these results can lead to pain or infection, so early detection of potential problems with general dentistry is important.

If necessary, we can remove your wisdom teeth in a simple outpatient procedure very similar to regular tooth extraction. Recovery time is minimal, and in many cases you will feel only slight pain and discomfort. In cases where the wisdom teeth need to be removed but are still embedded, we will refer you to a qualified oral surgeon.

Mouth Crowding

Besides the pain that is often associated with wisdom teeth erupting, there are other reasons to have your wisdom teeth removed. Mouth crowding occurs when there are too many teeth in your mouth, causing the teeth to crowd together. There are several issues which can arise from a crowded mouth. Many of these issues are easily resolved by having wisdom teeth removed.

When mouth crowding occurs, your teeth are forced against each other. This results in teeth eventually becoming crooked. This condition allows plaque to build up around the teeth. Further complications include tooth decay and a greater chance of suffering from gum disease. Removing the wisdom teeth will keep the rest of the teeth from being pushed out of alignment.

Embrace Dental Care can assess your wisdom teeth, even before they begin to come through. If your wisdom teeth need to be to be removed, our expert dental team will provide you with the right treatment. To make an appointment for a comprehensive exam, contact our office online or call to speak to an Embrace Dental Care representative.

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