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Root Canal Therapy

Root Canal Therapy

A root canal is needed when the pulp of the tooth – or soft tissue – becomes inflamed or infected. The inflammation or infection can be caused by deep decay, repeated dental procedures or a crack in the tooth. If your pulp becomes inflamed, it can be painful or even lead to an abscess.

While everyone seems to joke about a root canal being painful, the reality is that a root canal is similar to having any other general dentistry treatment and usually can be completed in one or two appointments. As with every treatment you receive at Embrace Dental Care, you can expect a comfortable experience during and after your appointment.

Once the infected pulp is removed, we will fill the cavity with a sterile material and then attach a crown to seal the tooth. Each appointment takes around 90 minutes, which means you will not have to take too much time out of your busy day. The benefits of a root canal far outweigh the perceived pain from the treatment, given that you will likely recover in as little as three days.

Root Canals Offer Pain Relief for Infected Teeth!

Left untreated, infected teeth account for a large number of the most severe toothaches we treat. The infection will continue to spread through the pulp into the gums and may even spread into the bones. Root canal therapy is a very common dental treatment which will remove the infection and provide you with considerable pain relief. The alternative is living with excruciating pain, leading to the loss of a tooth, or more serious conditions arising from the infection.

Embrace Dental Care can provide you with relief from an infected tooth in as little as two appointments. A simple exam will allow Dr. Adeniran to determine whether you need root canal therapy, so contact our office to arrange a checkup today. When you are finally pain free, you will be glad you made the call.

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