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Florence & Louisville, KY
Zoom Whitening

Zoom Whitening: What is it?

Zoom is a bleaching process that's specifically designed to lighten discoloration in enamel and dentin. Tooth discoloration is common, and can result from drinking coffee, smoking cigarettes or simply just daily wear and tear. As we get older, our teeth can also become darker with age. Zoom whitening is done through the use of a Zoom Advanced Power Chairside Lamp that activates the hydrogen peroxide in the whitening compound. When the hydrogen peroxide breaks down, oxygen enters the enamel and dentin and bleaches right at the stain, leaving the tooth's structure unchanged.

Zoom whitening services in Florence & Louisville, KY

Advantages of Zoom Whitening

Zoom Whitening offers a variety of advantages over other whitening techniques which make it both more convenient and effective:

  • Zoom whitening can be done quickly with the help of one of our specialists.
  • You don't need to worry about making a mistake.
  • Results can last 1-4 years.
  • The entire procedure takes only an hour.
  • The procedure doesn't cause any discomfort.

Zoom Whitening Procedure

  1. Embrace Dental recommends having your teeth cleaned before whitening for best results.
  2. Your lips and gums will be shielded to avoid bleaching them in the process.
  3. Whitening gel (formulated with hydrogen peroxide) will be applied to your teeth. One of our specialists will apply this gel 3-4 times and let each application sit for 15 minutes.
  4. Special lighting is used to help the gel penetrate your enamel and emit oxygen into the dentin, which causes the bleaching action and whitens your teeth.

The whitening process should only take about an hour. There will be little discomfort other than a cold sensation on your teeth from the gel. Be sure to follow your dentist's instructions for the next few days following the procedure to achieve optimal results.

Other Whitening Techniques Available at Embrace Dental

Zoom whitening is relatively new compared to other whitening techniques. If you're more comfortable with traditional techniques, we provide standard teeth whitening as well. All of the whitening services we offer are adjusted to meet your unique needs. After all, your smile is unique and should be treated accordingly.

Contact Embrace Dental for Zoom Whitening Services

Schedule a whitening appointment at your nearest Embrace Dental office in Kentucky. We'll work with you to determine the best whitening treatment and ensure the best possible results.

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