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From the ancient times until the modern days, most people aim at improving the appearance of their teeth and smile. One of the best ways discovered is through braces. Braces are an orthodontic treatment that aligns and straighten the teeth by gradually shifting the tooth position to correct misalignment. At Embrace Dental Care, we care about our patients’ oral health and want to help in improving the appearance of their smile through Braces.

Braces have been a common go-to for almost the majority of people to achieve the smile they dream of. Although it has been known to many, there are still some facts that patients and non-patients need to know about the very stylish braces, the first step to a more beautiful, straighter, and almost perfect smile.

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Fact 1: The très chic Braces. For all the things about fashion, from chic boutique styles to the latest runway hits, most people look to the French. One of their timeless trends is, guess what, braces! The French physician, Pierre Fauchard, who is known to be the father of modern day dentistry, made the first ever set of braces in 1728. It was made from gold wire and was fastened to the teeth with thread. His discovery that wires could shape the alignment of the teeth became the basis of today’s orthodontics.

Fact 2: The Space Style Braces. After and building upon Dr. Fauchard’s wire and thread braces, the brackets were created by Edward Angle in 1915. Like the first wires before, the first brackets were made with either 14 or 18 karat gold. In 1969, the Nickel-titanium became the future of brackets. The field of orthodontics took a giant leap when NASA developed the new substance. The Nickel-titanium is heat-resistant and was made for space shuttles. It was perfect for making thin, highly flexible wires and when attached to the teeth of patients, the material maintains their shape even after being bent and worn.

Fact 3: Smile like an Egyptian. Aiming for straighter teeth is not only a modern-day problem. The desire for straighter teeth can be traced back all the way to Ancient Egypt. Archeologists discovered mummies with makeshift braces. They believed that the ancient Egyptians attempted to straighten their crooked teeth by wrapping animal intestines around their teeth in a fashion similar to modern brace wires.

Fact 4: Star-studded Smile! Many people think that celebrities were born with a perfect set of teeth but in reality, some are not! Even the rich and famous stars need a helping hand to appear as glamorous and perfect as they may seem to be. Patients who are wearing braces today have a great company with Emma Watson, Gwen Stefani, Tom Cruise, and the ever handsome Prince Harry! All of them benefited from wearing braces. So patients must wear their braces and be proud of it!

Fact 5: Settle the Myths About Braces. It is only natural for people to have queries when they are thinking about having braces. However, they must make sure not to let the myths they hear hinder them from achieving that gorgeous and stunning smile they deserve. Here are some debunked myths about braces that can make patients feel more relieved.

  • Wearers can still play sports and can effectively play a musical instrument.
  • Braces do not lock while kissing another person with braces.
  • The braces are not magnetic nor interfere with radio signals.
  • Patients can normally eat after some time when they had the braces but make sure to follow the dentist’s prescription and pieces of advice.
  • Braces don’t set off metal detectors.

The road to a straighter, healthier mouth begins with an orthodontist appointment. If you’re looking for Braces in Florence, KY, contact us at Embrace Dental Care and schedule an appointment. We’ll make sure to answer any other questions you might have.

Treatments should not be rushed. While that statement is right, there is a possibility that if people are given an option for faster treatment duration, they would rather choose it. That is especially applicable to treatments that help in beautifying patient’s smile. Embrace Dental Care provides an improved treatment which corrects teeth imperfections faster than the traditional treatment. It is in the form of Six Month Smiles, which is an orthodontic treatment that straightens teeth in around six months or even less!

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Six Month Smiles Defined

It is an alternative to conventional braces which not only focuses on straightening the teeth but also in providing a more discreet and faster treatment time. Like the traditional braces, Six Month Smiles uses brackets and wires, but instead of using metal, it uses tooth-colored wires and clear brackets. By doing so, it provides a more pleasing appearance which is hardly noticeable. Six month smiles treatment is beneficial for patients who have mild to moderate teeth misalignments. Although the treatment does not use any metal brackets or wires, the basis for its purpose is similar to traditional braces.


How Does Six Month Smiles Works?

Generally, the treatment works the same way as traditional metal braces. But instead of correcting all of the teeth, Six Month Smiles focuses on the teeth that show when smiling. The treatment is especially ideal for patient’s who wants to focus on fast correction of teeth imperfections. It uses clear brackets and tooth-colored wires but is still adjustable to properly guide the teeth’s movement.


The Benefits Six Month Smiles Provide

  • The treatment uses more advanced material which is discreet, but it does not compromise the treatment purpose.
  • Its treatment duration is faster than most orthodontic treatments offered
  • Six Month Smiles treatment is cost-effective in the long run. It is due to its shorter treatment duration which requires less dental visits.
  • There is only a minimal discomfort since it uses a lower force in moving the teeth in place.
  • Provides a pleasing appearance by using hardly noticeable materials which blend with the teeth when worn.
  • It lets patient’s practice better hygiene faster. Traditional braces have proven to be a challenge when cleaned, with Six month smiles shorter treatment duration. It enables patients to go back to their regular dental hygiene practice for the maintenance of their dental health.


Give your smile a boost! Book an appointment with Embrace Dental Care and check out Six Month Smiles in Florence, KY under our Orthodontic Services. We are located at 8544 US Highway 42, Suite 500, Florence, KY 41042.

Florence KY OrthodontistEmbrace Dental Care offers several orthodontic solutions to help solve your alignment issues in your mouth. Six Month Smiles, Invisalign and braces are all effective orthodontic treatments offered to you by Dr. Adeniran. After evaluating which treatment is right for you, you will enter the adjustment phase. During the adjustment phase your orthodontic fixtures will realign your teeth, retrain your mouth muscles and impact the growth of your jaw.

After Orthodontia treatment, you will enter the retention phase. This phase is endless. You will want to do all that Dr. Adeniran suggests so that your brilliant new smile remains intact. (more…)

Florence KY OrthodontistThe end results of wearing braces are incredible. Your brilliant new smile will give you the confidence and smile satisfaction you’ve been waiting for! However, some of your regular cleaning routines may need a small adjustment, so you can properly care for your teeth while wearing braces.

Flossing is one dental routine that can become a bit more challenging while wearing braces. Beware…don’t let the frustration or challenge to this task hold you back from completing it one time per day. If you fail to routinely floss your teeth it may lead to tooth decay or gum disease, and lead to costly unwanted dental bills. (more…)

Florence KY OrthodontistTraditional metal braces have been around for about 100 years. They still are a brilliant and solid choice for you if you’re looking to correct many issues in your teeth. If you had braces as a teenager, you may recall the size and structure of the metal in your mouth. The term ‘metal mouth’ was pretty accurate.

If it’s time for your child to get braces, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to see the positive evolution that metal braces have been through. Braces are now less bulky and noticeable. They are less visible than ever before and are offered in many varieties, so you can choose which is just right for you or your child. (more…)

Florence KY OrthodontistSo much can happen in six months! We’re already over halfway through the first 6 months of 2017!

In Nature

Did you know that researchers have found that the alpine swift bird is able to stay in the air for 6 months of continuous flight? Thanks to the use of tiny electronic tags attached to these birds it was discovered they could travel millions of miles during their liftetime of about five and a half years, traveling between Europe and Africa along with the seasons. (more…)

Florence KY OrthodontistWearing braces is common for kids these days. Some kids dread the thought, while others love the idea of having something that most of the other kids in their school have. Whether your child likes braces, or would rather not wear them, there are some important tips to maintaining their braces. An important tip to remind yourself and your children is: The better your efforts, the better your results. (more…)

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