Tips to Deal with Halitosis

Brunette woman covers her mouth with a brown hat because she's embarrassed about her bad breath

Nobody wants to be known as a person with foul breath. If the situation is bad enough, it can lower your self-confidence and even negatively affect your relationships with other people. Both of those are things we definitely don’t wish for you! It’s important to know that chronic bad breath, which is formally called halitosis, doesn’t only come from eating stinky foods. There are other common causes too, which means there are a variety of things you can try to remedy your situation. Here are some tips for dealing with halitosis:

  1. Brush & Floss Every Day
  2. This tip might seem self-explanatory, but it’s an important one! A common cause of bad breath is bacteria left in your mouth. With brushing twice a day and flossing at least once a day, you can keep your teeth and gums fresh, rather than allow the accumulation of food debris, which encourages a breeding ground for halitosis-causing bacteria.

  3. Take Care of Your Tongue
  4. You know that your teeth and gums need regularly cleaning, but did you know that you should take care of your tongue too? Your tongue can be home to bad bacteria as well. During your daily brushing routine, give the surface of your tongue a good brushing, or you can use a tongue scraper.

  5. Address Dry Mouth
  6. When you have proper saliva flow and are drinking enough water, it helps to wash away bacteria and food particles that can cause halitosis. Make sure you’re drinking enough water throughout the day, and quit and avoid the use of tobacco. Additionally, chew sugarless gum for at least 20 minutes after meals to stimulate more saliva flow. If you need more help managing your dry mouth, contact us for information about a lubricating mouth rinse or saliva-substitute.

  7. Check Your Medical Conditions
  8. There are a few different medical conditions that can have an effect on how your breath smells, including diabetes and respiratory tract infections. There are also certain medications that could result in bad breath. Consult your doctor to see what your options are.

Dealing with halitosis and want to discuss your situation with a professional? Contact Embrace Dental Care today, and we’ll be happy to help!


Blonde woman wearing a black blouse covers her mouth due to embarrassment about her yellow teeth

There are a number of things that can turn your teeth yellow, some of which are out of your control and some of which you can prevent. Here, we’ll discuss the reasons why your teeth turn yellow and how you can best avoid discoloration.

  1. Certain Foods & Drinks
  2. There are a wide variety of foods and drinks that can stain your teeth. From pasta sauce to curry, balsamic vinegar to berries, these foods all have pigments that cling to and stain your tooth enamel. Beverages like coffee, tea, sodas, red wine, white wine, and even sports drinks can also turn your teeth yellow. To avoid staining, try to limit these foods and drinks. And when you do expose them to your teeth, concurrently drink water to help wash away any staining elements.

  3. Tobacco Products
  4. Tobacco (e.g. cigarettes, cigars, chewing tobacco) leaves yellow and brown stains on the surface of your teeth, whether you smoke or chew it. And because nicotine is addictive, it makes you smoke or chew more and more, causing your teeth to become yellower and yellower. And not only is tobacco hard on your teeth, but it is terrible for your oral health and your overall health!

  5. Poor Dental Hygiene
  6. If you don’t brush and floss every day, staining particles are left to coat your teeth. But even worse, poor dental hygiene will lead to the buildup of plaque and tartar, which cause discoloration and serious oral health issues like bad breath, tooth decay, and gum disease.

  7. Damaged Enamel
  8. Enamel is the hard translucent outer shell of your tooth that protects the more vulnerable inner layers of your teeth. When enamel is damaged, the middle tooth layer shows through. This layer, called the dentin, is brownish and deep yellow in color, which gives your teeth a more yellowish appearance. Your enamel can be damaged via things like a diet low in tooth-strengthening nutrients, a diet high in sugar, poor dental hygiene, teeth grinding, and mouth trauma.

  9. Genes
  10. It may seem unfair, but some people are just born with naturally yellow teeth. This happens when a person inherits enamel that is thin or very translucent, allowing the underlying yellow dentin to show through, or their enamel inherently has a more gray, brown, or red tint than white.

How to Prevent Yellow Teeth

As you get older, your enamel wears away from a lifetime of chewing and consuming acidic foods and drinks, revealing the yellowish dentin beneath. But fortunately, there are many things you can do to keep your teeth healthy and strong:

  • Gently brush your teeth twice a day for two minutes each time with a fluoride toothpaste and a soft-bristled manual or electric toothbrush
  • Floss between your teeth at least once a day
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Eat a healthy diet high in nutritious whole grains and fresh fruits and vegetables
  • Limit your consumption of foods and beverages that are sugary and/or acidic
  • Quit smoking ASAP
  • Wear a mouthguard if you grind your teeth during sleep so you don’t grind away your enamel

Achieve a Healthier Smile at Our Florence Dental Office

Another important part of maintaining a white smile is to visit Embrace Dental Care for regular checkups and cleanings. Moreover, if you are unhappy with the appearance of your smile, we can help you determine whether you’d benefit from one of our cosmetic dentistry services, such as veneers, Lumineers®, or professional teeth whitening. Contact us today to schedule an appointment!


Closeup of a brunette woman with freckled skin wondering how oral health affects her complexion

Your oral health plays a large role in your overall health. In fact, did you know that it can be directly linked to your skin’s clarity? We often are advised to “drink more water” or “maintain a healthy diet” when struggling with pesky blemishes. These are definitely sound advice, but perhaps taking better care of your teeth can help too! Read on to learn more about how your smile may be affecting your skin.

Bacteria Buildup

Studies have shown that oftentimes the bacteria that is present on your skin can also be found in your mouth. Your mouth is simply acting as the point of entry for bacteria to multiply and move to other areas of the body, causing inflammation and irritation. Bacteria spreads rapidly so ensure you’re taking proper preventive measures to fight off bacteria by maintaining a healthy oral cavity.

The Order of Your Routine Matters

While most people know that your nightly routine should consist of brushing your teeth, flossing, and washing your face, many people don’t pay attention to what order they do that in. If you’re washing your face before brushing, toothpaste residue may remain around your chin and lips. Moreover, if you are flossing after washing your face, your hands are likely touching some areas of your face again. This may transfer bacteria from your hands to your face. For best results, make washing your face the last step in your nightly routine.

From Your Mouth to Your Body

Your mouth and your body are certainly not independent. Think of your mouth as the gateway into your entire system. When your mouth isn’t properly cared for, you increase your susceptibility for full-body diseases. Periodontal disease is associated with an increased occurrence of many different illnesses throughout the body, such as heart disease, stroke, and pneumonia. Your skin is no exception and can certainly be impacted by poor dental hygiene.

How to Have Healthier Teeth & Clearer Skin

Practicing superb dental hygiene will promote clearer skin and stronger teeth, and allow you to eat, speak, laugh, and smile with confidence. In conjunction with daily brushing, flossing, and rinsing, come visit our team every six months for a professional cleaning and checkup. Safeguard your total wellness–schedule your routine cleaning with Embrace Dental Care today!


Brunette woman hides her mouth with a green leaf because she is embarrassed about her chronic bad breath, known as halitosis

Is chronic bad breath keeping you from smiling, laughing, and talking for fear of embarrassment? Here at Embrace Dental Care in Florence, KY, we don’t want halitosis (bad breath) to hold you back. Here are some pointers for combatting this pesky issue so you can enjoy the benefits of fresh breath!

  1. Pinpoint Its Cause
  2. Because there are a variety of factors that can contribute to halitosis, the first step to battling bad breath is to figure out where it’s coming from. Pinpointing the cause will help you figure out the best way to prevent it. For some, bad breath may be a result of not brushing or flossing properly, tobacco use, or gum disease. For others, bad breath is due to genetics or a medication they’re taking. If this is the case, we recommend talking to your primary care physician.

  3. Maintain a Proper Oral Hygiene Regimen
  4. Plaque and tartar buildup can cause some pretty stinky breath. According to the American Dental Association (ADA), you should gently brush your teeth two times a day for two minutes each and floss at least once a day. If you’re still struggling with bad breath, we recommend that you do both a little more often. However, do not brush your teeth harder, as excessive pressure will wear down your enamel. Consider investing in an electric toothbrush if you have trouble applying the right amount of pressure with a manual toothbrush. Furthermore, be sure to scrape your tongue with your toothbrush to remove the coating of bacteria that usually forms throughout the day and while you sleep. You may be surprised at how much cleaning your tongue can help with any unwelcome mouth odors!

  5. Rinse Your Mouth & Avoid Sugary Mints
  6. One of the best ways to minimize bad breath is to rinse your mouth with water or mouthwash after you eat. In addition, instead of reaching for a peppermint after your meal, chew sugar-free gum with xylitol. Despite their great smell and flavor, mints are often filled to the brim with sugar. This sugar will be eaten by your mouth’s bacteria, which will then produce acids that contribute to bad breath and tooth decay. In contrast, not only does the xylitol in sugarless gum help combat cavities, but the act of chewing gum also stimulates saliva production, which is a great natural defense against bad breath and decay.

  7. Limit Certain Foods & Drinks
  8. While you may think you can just brush away the smell of food after you eat it, that is actually not the case. Certain foods and drinks such as onions, garlic, tuna, alcohol, and coffee actually enter your bloodstream and travel to your lungs, causing you to breathe out unpleasant odors. You don’t have to give up the foods and drinks you love, but we do recommend steering clear of them if you know you are going to be talking a lot, meeting up with a first date, or in close proximity to other people.

Our Team Is Here to Help!

We hope these tips help you curb any frustrating bad breath. If you have more questions about halitosis or if you’re unsure of the cause of your bad breath, please contact our office to schedule a consultation with our friendly team here at Embrace Dental Care.


There is nothing more devastating than getting head pounds, throbbing gums and a mouth sore, in other words, getting a toothache. It’s as if your whole system refuse to function because of the pain coming from your troubled teeth. Inflamed teeth, if not given care immediately, might lead to some severe problems.

Embrace Dental Care provides Emergency Dental Care for patients who suffered from tooth pain, bleeding gums, and other oral infections. We ensure a high standard of treatment for patients to meet their full dental satisfaction.

Tooth Pain


Dealing with a toothache can be irritating as it can be. However, you can always prevent a cavity from causing terrible pains at home with these amazing home remedies.

Vanilla Extract

Dab a small amount of vanilla extract with your fingers or using a small piece of cotton ball and apply it to the affected area. The active ingredient in vanilla, alcohol, can help in numbing your painful gums. However, reapplication is needed since this treatment may only last for a while.

Ice pack

A cold compress helps ease swollen cheeks. Place an ice pack on the part of the cheeks that swells and notice how it numb and relieve the swelling.

Salt Water

Rinsing with salt water can help disinfect and wash the debris of the food stuck on the teeth. Salt water can also reduce inflammation and heal oral wounds.


Garlic can prevent dental plaque from killing harmful bacterias. You can use this treatment by simply chewing slowly fresh garlic clove. If you find it painful enough to chew, you can also crush the garlic and apply it on the affected area.

Guava Leaves

Guava leaves have anti-inflammatory, analgesic and antimicrobial properties that alleviate a toothache and relieves swollen gums. You can apply this treatment in two options. First, you can make a gargle solution by boiling guava leaves with a sprinkle of salt and make it mouthwash once it is cool. Second, you can chew two guava leaves directly to produce a juice that will soon spread into the affected area.


Turmeric contains strong analgesic, antiseptic and antibacterial properties. Make a paste by mixing turmeric powder with a small amount of water, dip a cotton ball and place on the aching tooth or gum.

Remember that these home remedies can only relieve the pain. To further understand the cause of your toothache and to get the right medication, it is best to visit your dentist.

If you are suffering from tooth pain and are in need of an Emergency Dental Care Services in Florence, KY, schedule your appointment with us at Embrace Dental Care for diagnosis & treatment. Our dental office is located at 8544 US Highway 42, Suite 500, Florence, KY 41042.

Treatments should not be rushed. While that statement is right, there is a possibility that if people are given an option for faster treatment duration, they would rather choose it. That is especially applicable to treatments that help in beautifying patient’s smile. Embrace Dental Care provides an improved treatment which corrects teeth imperfections faster than the traditional treatment. It is in the form of Six Month Smiles, which is an orthodontic treatment that straightens teeth in around six months or even less!

Smiling patient

Six Month Smiles Defined

It is an alternative to conventional braces which not only focuses on straightening the teeth but also in providing a more discreet and faster treatment time. Like the traditional braces, Six Month Smiles uses brackets and wires, but instead of using metal, it uses tooth-colored wires and clear brackets. By doing so, it provides a more pleasing appearance which is hardly noticeable. Six month smiles treatment is beneficial for patients who have mild to moderate teeth misalignments. Although the treatment does not use any metal brackets or wires, the basis for its purpose is similar to traditional braces.


How Does Six Month Smiles Works?

Generally, the treatment works the same way as traditional metal braces. But instead of correcting all of the teeth, Six Month Smiles focuses on the teeth that show when smiling. The treatment is especially ideal for patient’s who wants to focus on fast correction of teeth imperfections. It uses clear brackets and tooth-colored wires but is still adjustable to properly guide the teeth’s movement.


The Benefits Six Month Smiles Provide

  • The treatment uses more advanced material which is discreet, but it does not compromise the treatment purpose.
  • Its treatment duration is faster than most orthodontic treatments offered
  • Six Month Smiles treatment is cost-effective in the long run. It is due to its shorter treatment duration which requires less dental visits.
  • There is only a minimal discomfort since it uses a lower force in moving the teeth in place.
  • Provides a pleasing appearance by using hardly noticeable materials which blend with the teeth when worn.
  • It lets patient’s practice better hygiene faster. Traditional braces have proven to be a challenge when cleaned, with Six month smiles shorter treatment duration. It enables patients to go back to their regular dental hygiene practice for the maintenance of their dental health.


Give your smile a boost! Book an appointment with Embrace Dental Care and check out Six Month Smiles in Florence, KY under our Orthodontic Services. We are located at 8544 US Highway 42, Suite 500, Florence, KY 41042.

Everyone desires to be comfortable when they are in their house, work, and even in a dental office. Dental procedures can sometimes cause discomfort to patients due to several factors including past dental experience, types of dental equipment, injections, and even the treatments. Experiencing pain and discomfort during dental appointments can lead to dental anxiety and even phobia which can cause dental avoidance. Avoiding necessary dental procedures can lead to a complex issue problem that can put the dental health at risk. Embrace Dental Care provides a comfortable atmosphere as well as Sedation dentistry that can help a patient relax and feel comfortable during dental procedures.Comfort Dentistry (more…)

Gum RecessionReceding gums might not be a severe problem, but it affects the appearance of the gumline which exposes the root of the tooth that might cause tooth sensitivity. The process of pulling away of the gum tissue from the tooth is called Gum Recession or Gingival Recession. (more…)

Florence KY General DentistHave you been noticing that more of your teeth are showing and less of your gums are present when you smile? This could be due to something called gum recession. Gum recession cannot only affect the look of your smile, but it can also be painful and even scary at times. During the gum recession process the margin of your gum tissue that surrounds your teeth begins to wear or pull away. This can gradually expose the root of your tooth or teeth as well. (more…)

Florence KY General DentistAre you and Santa pretty tight when it comes to lists? Do you feel like you really “get” Santa and his list-making ways? If so, you most likely make lists, and check them twice.

At Embrace Dental Care, we’re not afraid of making lists either. So here are two lists for all of you list makers out there! (more…)

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