Solutions for Swollen Gums

Blonde woman in a mint green shirt looks up and touches her chin as she worries about her swollen gums

Do you have swollen gums but don’t know what to do about them? Here, we’ll talk about common causes of swollen gums and suggest tips to improve your gum health.

Causes of Swollen Gums

There are a number of different reasons why your gums might be swollen, but some of the most common causes of gum inflammation include:

  • A side effect of certain medications
  • An allergic reaction to a new brand of toothpaste or mouthwash
  • Poor nutrition indicating a vitamin C deficiency and insufficient intake of fruits and vegetables
  • Inadequate brushing and flossing that has caused gingivitis, or early-stage gum disease, due to irritation from the buildup of plaque and tartar

Tips to Improve Your Gum Health

  1. Brush & Floss Daily
  2. This may seem like a no-brainer, but brushing and flossing regularly will drastically improve your swollen gum problems by removing plaque before it accumulates and hardens into tartar. Be sure to brush twice a day for two minutes each time and floss at least once a day, particularly right before bed.

  3. Rinse Your Mouth
  4. You can rinse your mouth with either an alcohol-free mouthwash or a salt water solution. Both will help kill bacteria and ease pain from your swollen gums.

  5. Consume a Healthy Diet
  6. A balanced diet doesn’t only keep you slim, it also helps improve your oral health and will reduce your swollen gums. Limit foods and drinks high in sugar such as soda, candy, potato chips, crackers, and white bread. Instead, choose whole grains, fruits, and vegetables, especially those high in vitamin C and calcium.

  7. Drink Water
  8. Drinking water, especially during and after mealtime, will wash away food particles remaining in your mouth. If left in your mouth, bacteria feed on your dietary sugars and produce acidic byproducts that destroy your tooth enamel and irritate your gums. Staying hydrated also ensures you have an adequate flow of saliva, which helps remineralize your enamel and rinse away debris.

  9. Stop Smoking
  10. Smoking and using tobacco products diminishes your body’s ability to fight off inflammation and infection. For optimal oral health and overall health, try to quit as soon as possible.

  11. Visit Embrace Dental Care for Routine Cleanings & Checkups!
  12. Of course one of the best solutions to your swollen gums problem is to regularly come in and see us. We can remove plaque and tartar that are irritating your gums, as well as suggest additional ways to improve your oral health. Contact us today to schedule your next checkup and cleaning.


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