Tips to Deal with Halitosis

Brunette woman covers her mouth with a brown hat because she's embarrassed about her bad breath

Nobody wants to be known as a person with foul breath. If the situation is bad enough, it can lower your self-confidence and even negatively affect your relationships with other people. Both of those are things we definitely don’t wish for you! It’s important to know that chronic bad breath, which is formally called halitosis, doesn’t only come from eating stinky foods. There are other common causes too, which means there are a variety of things you can try to remedy your situation. Here are some tips for dealing with halitosis:

  1. Brush & Floss Every Day
  2. This tip might seem self-explanatory, but it’s an important one! A common cause of bad breath is bacteria left in your mouth. With brushing twice a day and flossing at least once a day, you can keep your teeth and gums fresh, rather than allow the accumulation of food debris, which encourages a breeding ground for halitosis-causing bacteria.

  3. Take Care of Your Tongue
  4. You know that your teeth and gums need regularly cleaning, but did you know that you should take care of your tongue too? Your tongue can be home to bad bacteria as well. During your daily brushing routine, give the surface of your tongue a good brushing, or you can use a tongue scraper.

  5. Address Dry Mouth
  6. When you have proper saliva flow and are drinking enough water, it helps to wash away bacteria and food particles that can cause halitosis. Make sure you’re drinking enough water throughout the day, and quit and avoid the use of tobacco. Additionally, chew sugarless gum for at least 20 minutes after meals to stimulate more saliva flow. If you need more help managing your dry mouth, contact us for information about a lubricating mouth rinse or saliva-substitute.

  7. Check Your Medical Conditions
  8. There are a few different medical conditions that can have an effect on how your breath smells, including diabetes and respiratory tract infections. There are also certain medications that could result in bad breath. Consult your doctor to see what your options are.

Dealing with halitosis and want to discuss your situation with a professional? Contact Embrace Dental Care today, and we’ll be happy to help!


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