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Emergency Dentistry: How to Avoid Dental Emergencies at All Times in Florence, KY

It’s a beautiful Sunday morning. You are out with your friends to play basketball. Everything was prepared the night before – towels, shoes, jerseys, and a water bottle. As you exit the gate, your mind is all in the game, occupied with the thought of conquering the court and beating your opponents. Perhaps, fantasy robs your focus, making you forget the most important gear every sports enthusiast should have – the mouthguard. So there it is, injury happens, and it greatly affected your mouth and teeth. By this time you should know you need an Emergency Dentistry Care. Talk to us at Embrace Dental Care.

According to an article, the number of people who encounter dental emergencies in America is constantly increasing. Fortunately, emergency dental care is widely made available today. Injuries that are considered a subject for the said service may include painful oral problems, tooth pain due to accidents or stuck food particles in the teeth, fractured tooth, loose, chipped, or cracked teeth, broken dental appliances, and facial pain.

Although emergencies could be inevitable, you can always perform preventive actions to avoid them. Here are simple ways to get rid of dental urgencies:

  • One of the best approach to prevent the occurrence of oral complications like toothache is through practicing proper dental hygiene. The simple act of brushing and flossing can go a long way in eliminating dental emergencies in the future.
  • Despite the fact that injury is always part of the game, it is still best to protect your oral health everytime you indulge yourself in contact sports. By wearing a teeth protector, you will feel confident to play inside the court knowing that you are literally well-protected.
  • The teeth are only used for eating foods. But people are sometimes guilty of using their chompers as a tool in opening plastic packets, cutting things, and even opening a bottle! In return, they end up getting a chipped tooth.
  • Comply with your regular dental visit every six months to ensure that your mouth, teeth, and gums are all in a good state.

We at Embrace Dental Care believe that as much as possible, dental emergencies should be avoided. But when you face such, know that you can always rely on us.

For inquiries about Emergency Dental Care in Florence, KY, book an appointment with us at Emergency Dentistry Care. You can also visit us at 8544 US Highway 42, Suite 500, Florence, KY 41042.

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