What is Gum Recession? – Florence, KY

Gum RecessionReceding gums might not be a severe problem, but it affects the appearance of the gumline which exposes the root of the tooth that might cause tooth sensitivity. The process of pulling away of the gum tissue from the tooth is called Gum Recession or Gingival Recession.

Although gum recession might not be a serious problem compared to other dental issues, it is important to treat such condition because the teeth and gums are prone to develop plaques that could lead to bacteria, viruses and can develop multiple oral health problems.


What Causes Gum Recession:

  1. Aggressive brushing of teeth

It is good to brush the teeth regularly but be gentle while brushing, the gum is quite sensitive, so if you are scrubbing (rather than brushing it) your teeth it will bleed that could lead to possible Gum recession.

  1. Incorrect Flossing

Correct flossing can help the teeth and gums to be strong and healthy.

  1. Poor Dental Health

Having poor dental health can lead to oral problems not only gum recession but other major oral problems that can affect the rest of the body.

  1. Genes

Even though some people have good dental health, they can also experience Gum recession genetically( if parents have gum recession problem).

  1. Tooth Positioning

If you have incorrect or abnormal tooth positioning, it can develop gum recession especially if your teeth have different gum alignments.


For mild gum recession, no need for professional help maintain good oral health and healthier gum by proper flossing and brushing is enough.

However, if you have severe Gum recession, you might consider visiting a periodontist (gum specialist) for you to know the proper treatment needed in your case.

Be vigilant on your oral health no matter how mild or how severe the condition is, good oral health means taking good care of your whole body.

Regular dental checkups will help you avoid gum disease. Need to schedule your next dental checkup to treat gum disease in Florence? We at Embrace Dental Care got you covered! Contact us to book your appointment.

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