Making A List, Checking It Twice

Florence KY General DentistAre you and Santa pretty tight when it comes to lists? Do you feel like you really “get” Santa and his list-making ways? If so, you most likely make lists, and check them twice.

At Embrace Dental Care, we’re not afraid of making lists either. So here are two lists for all of you list makers out there!


  1. During the month of December you may be tempted to overindulge on sweets and stealing Santa’s treats! This is naughty! First of all, don’t steal. Secondly, sugary treats cause cavities.
  2. The only nighttime noises that should be happening at your house are the sounds of reindeer on your roof. If your nighttime teeth grinding is disrupting your loved one’s sleep, that’s not nice. Ask Dr. Adeniran about a custom night guard to protect your teeth, and your loved one’s sleep.
  3. Visible fillings are not nice. Dr. Adeniran will make tooth-colored fillings, so they will look very nice!


  1. It’s very nice to take care of your teeth by brushing at least twice a day and flossing one time a day. It’s also nice to maintain your regular checkup exams to ensure you have optimal dental health.
  2. Feed your dental health with foods that are nice to your teeth. Gingerbread is yummy for your taste buds and filled with benefits to your dental health during this holiday season.
  3. Our comfort dentistry at Embrace Dental Care makes being nice a priority. We do everything with your comfort in mind.

Add booking your appointment with Dr. Adeniran at Embrace Dental Care to your list of things to do today!

Posted on behalf of Embrace Dental Care

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