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A Lot Can Happen In Six Months!

Florence KY OrthodontistSo much can happen in six months! We’re already over halfway through the first 6 months of 2017!

In Nature

Did you know that researchers have found that the alpine swift bird is able to stay in the air for 6 months of continuous flight? Thanks to the use of tiny electronic tags attached to these birds it was discovered they could travel millions of miles during their liftetime of about five and a half years, traveling between Europe and Africa along with the seasons.

In Sports

Did you know a 6-month-old baby holds the world record for the youngest water skier? She attained the world record at 6 months and 27 days! The baby skied 686.4 feet to be the new world record holder over Parks Bonifay, who held the world record at 6 months, 29 days.

In Dentistry

Did you know that in just 6 months you could have straight teeth with something called Six Month Smiles? Six Month Smiles is a great alternative to traditional braces, and for patients with mild misalignment issues. Utilizing tooth-colored brackets and wires, they serve your teeth a concentrated movement to align and adjust your teeth in a short amount of time.

If you’re experiencing teeth dissatisfaction, and want a new smile in a short amount of time, call Embrace Dental Care and see if Six Month Smiles is right for you! Dr. Adeniran will evaluate your dental and orthodontic needs and determine the right path for your brilliant smile!

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