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Embracing Your Nightguard

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Protecting your teeth should be a top priority. You only get two sets of teeth, and once something happens to your permanent teeth, it can mean extensive and expensive dental treatments to help repair or replace missing or damaged teeth. One common way you may damage your teeth happens while you are sleeping. If you grind your teeth, this grinding of your teeth is called Bruxism. Clenching your teeth while you sleep can also cause damage. The challenge is that you can’t mentally correct these damaging sleeping habits because you’re sleeping right through them.

A nightguard is an excellent tool used to help prevent the damage done by your nighttime habits of grinding and clenching. Choosing a custom-made night guard is the best decision you can make. Store bought nightguards are not fit specifically to your mouth size and structure. Putting something in your mouth that is not an exact fit for you can actually cause further damage to your mouth.

When it comes to your custom-made mouthguard you want to embrace it and care for it well. Make sure you’re storing it properly when it is not in your mouth. For some reason your pet dog is very attracted to your saliva and they would love to use your nightguard as a chew toy! Also, be sure you carefully read the care and cleaning instructions for your nightguard. Maintaining it well will help extend the lifetime and effectiveness of its use.

Call Embrace Dental Care today to get your custom-made nightguard made to protect your smile and your teeth.

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