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Emergency Dentistry in Florence, Kentucky

Florence KY Emergency DentistIf you suddenly need dental care for sudden pain, swelling, infection, knocked out tooth, extreme sensitivity or a cracked tooth, these would all be considered a dental emergency. They can cause a considerable amount of pain and also interrupt your usual awesome appearance. Not only is the pain and discomfort a problem but also, nothing can interrupt your day’s agenda like a dental emergency.

If you’re running to your meeting, you may be a few minutes late. You may look down to check the time, and down you go. Your tooth meets the pavement unexpectantly, and there goes your day’s plans! Do you have a sporty child? While sports are part of a healthy lifestyle, they sure can cause unexpected injuries on the field or court. Elbows to the teeth during a heated basketball game can ruin the ability to play the rest of the game. Baseball bats or a ground ball in the mouth can cause considerable damage, and attention to the matter needs immediate help.

These dental emergencies necessitate you to begin searching for a dental office that specializes in dental emergencies. Traditionally, dental offices make appointments months in advance and there is little to no time to treat dental emergencies as they occur. Finding a dental office that offers emergency dentistry is your first step in getting help for you or your little one.

At Embrace Dental Care, Dr. Adeniran has designed his office to care for all of your dental needs. Routine dental appointments are scheduled and highly helpful for keeping you on the proper road to dental care. However, when a dental emergency arises, it’s good to know that you have Dr. Adeniran available to care for all of your needs. Call our office today and book your appointment. Enter his number on your phone, so when a dental emergency does come up, you’ll know who to call.

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