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Maintaining Your Braces

Florence KY OrthodontistWearing braces is common for kids these days. Some kids dread the thought, while others love the idea of having something that most of the other kids in their school have. Whether your child likes braces, or would rather not wear them, there are some important tips to maintaining their braces. An important tip to remind yourself and your children is: The better your efforts, the better your results.

There are some foods that you will want your child to avoid while wearing braces. Ice can break braces when chewed. Popcorn hulls have a way of wiggling themselves under braces and causes gum infections. Hard foods such as candy suckers and nuts can also break or damage the braces. Sticky foods like taffy, gum, caramels, gummies and power bars can cause a lot of damage to braces.

There are also some foods that can be eaten, but the method for eating them needs to be modified. Apples, for instance, need to be sliced before eaten. Carrots should be cut into small pieces. Corn should be cut off the cob and enjoyed with a fork.

Is your child a nail biter, pencil chewer, thumb sucker or tongue thruster? If they are in the habit of doing any of these things, they will need help from you in stopping these damaging habits. All of these habits will have a negative effect on your child’s brace-wearing experience and effectiveness.

At Embrace Dental Care, Dr. Adeniran wants to help your child have a positive brace-wearing experience. The reward of a straight-toothed smile is worth the small sacrifices your child needs to make now. Come into our office to see the difference braces can make for your child’s smile.

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