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Making A List, Checking It Twice

Florence KY General DentistAre you and Santa pretty tight when it comes to lists? Do you feel like you really “get” Santa and his list-making ways? If so, you most likely make lists, and check them twice.

At Embrace Dental Care, we’re not afraid of making lists either. So here are two lists for all of you list makers out there! Read More

Diabetes and Gum Disease

Florence KY DentistDid you know that November 14th is World Diabetes Day? This is a time to raise awareness for diabetes and to encourage continued research for a cure. Diabetes can be in two forms: Juvenile (Type 1) and Adult Onset (Type 2). If you have any form of diabetes, you are more susceptible to harmful dental effects, which can lead to Periodontal Disease, or otherwise known as Gum Disease.

If you or a loved on is suffering from diabetes Dr. Adeniran and his staff at Embrace Dental Care would like to give you some special dental considerations to remember when caring for your mouth and teeth to prevent damaging effects of your diabetes. Read More

After Orthodontia

Florence KY OrthodontistEmbrace Dental Care offers several orthodontic solutions to help solve your alignment issues in your mouth. Six Month Smiles, Invisalign and braces are all effective orthodontic treatments offered to you by Dr. Adeniran. After evaluating which treatment is right for you, you will enter the adjustment phase. During the adjustment phase your orthodontic fixtures will realign your teeth, retrain your mouth muscles and impact the growth of your jaw.

After Orthodontia treatment, you will enter the retention phase. This phase is endless. You will want to do all that Dr. Adeniran suggests so that your brilliant new smile remains intact. Read More

Navigating Your Flossing While Wearing Braces

Florence KY OrthodontistThe end results of wearing braces are incredible. Your brilliant new smile will give you the confidence and smile satisfaction you’ve been waiting for! However, some of your regular cleaning routines may need a small adjustment, so you can properly care for your teeth while wearing braces.

Flossing is one dental routine that can become a bit more challenging while wearing braces. Beware…don’t let the frustration or challenge to this task hold you back from completing it one time per day. If you fail to routinely floss your teeth it may lead to tooth decay or gum disease, and lead to costly unwanted dental bills. Read More

Not Your Parents’ Braces

Florence KY OrthodontistTraditional metal braces have been around for about 100 years. They still are a brilliant and solid choice for you if you’re looking to correct many issues in your teeth. If you had braces as a teenager, you may recall the size and structure of the metal in your mouth. The term ‘metal mouth’ was pretty accurate.

If it’s time for your child to get braces, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to see the positive evolution that metal braces have been through. Braces are now less bulky and noticeable. They are less visible than ever before and are offered in many varieties, so you can choose which is just right for you or your child. Read More

A Lot Can Happen In Six Months!

Florence KY OrthodontistSo much can happen in six months! We’re already over halfway through the first 6 months of 2017!

In Nature

Did you know that researchers have found that the alpine swift bird is able to stay in the air for 6 months of continuous flight? Thanks to the use of tiny electronic tags attached to these birds it was discovered they could travel millions of miles during their liftetime of about five and a half years, traveling between Europe and Africa along with the seasons. Read More

Feeling Stressed About The Dentist? We Have Some Solutions For You!

Florence KY Sedation DentistryAt Embrace Dental Care, we don’t want anything to hold you back from getting the dental care that you need and want. Dental anxiety is quite common. We think this is due to memories of past experiences where you didn’t feel well cared for. Dr. Adeniran wants to help replace your old bad memories of past dental experiences with new, calm, and stress-free experiences.
Read More

Embracing Your Nightguard

Florence KY General Dentistry

Protecting your teeth should be a top priority. You only get two sets of teeth, and once something happens to your permanent teeth, it can mean extensive and expensive dental treatments to help repair or replace missing or damaged teeth. One common way you may damage your teeth happens while you are sleeping. If you grind your teeth, this grinding of your teeth is called Bruxism. Clenching your teeth while you sleep can also cause damage. The challenge is that you can’t mentally correct these damaging sleeping habits because you’re sleeping right through them. Read More

Emergency Dentistry in Florence, Kentucky

Florence KY Emergency DentistIf you suddenly need dental care for sudden pain, swelling, infection, knocked out tooth, extreme sensitivity or a cracked tooth, these would all be considered a dental emergency. They can cause a considerable amount of pain and also interrupt your usual awesome appearance. Not only is the pain and discomfort a problem but also, nothing can interrupt your day’s agenda like a dental emergency.
Read More

Maintaining Your Braces

Florence KY OrthodontistWearing braces is common for kids these days. Some kids dread the thought, while others love the idea of having something that most of the other kids in their school have. Whether your child likes braces, or would rather not wear them, there are some important tips to maintaining their braces. An important tip to remind yourself and your children is: The better your efforts, the better your results. Read More

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